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We've developed a totally unique and fresh, fast-tracked approach for the modern digital world saving $$$ for the Implementation

Selecting a new ERP or Enterprise Software solution and partner is a complex, time-consuming and often frustrating process.

This is compounded by the reality that organisations seldom change ERP or Enterprise Software solutions, the increasing number of vendors and implementers out there and constantly changing technology.

It doesn't have to be difficult, Solution Minds Consulting is dedicated to making it easier.

Leverging our unparalleled market and industry knowledge, we can determine a best 3 short-list for you instantly. We've developed a fresh, fast-tracked approach for the modern digital world, saving you $$$ for the implementation phase to double down on project management, change management and business process management. 

There are four main benefits to you of engaging us for your Selection project:  


We can help your organisation research, evaluate, and select the best software and implementer for your unique business needs - quickly, impartially, and cost-effectively.


Solution Minds Consulting delivers a variety of flexible and affordable services, lervaging a project-based methodology and impartial approach to analysing vendor solutions and implementation partners. We do not play favourites; we simply stick to the facts so that they can be compared on a level playing field. We draw upon the collective intelligence of the ERP and Enterprise Software community, consisting of vendors, implementation partners, analysts, consultants, TEC, and the software selection experience of other companies. This 360-degree industry perspective enables Solution Minds to provide clients with a true picture of the ERP and Enterprise Software industry solutions and implementers, and the know-how to use that information to make informed decisions.

We also have game changing on-line decision support technology for selecting a new ERP and Enterprise Software solution that is disrupting the global software selection industry and changing for the better how selections are done. To find out more about Solution Minds Consulting's TEC Advisor Decision Support Tool click here.

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