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100% Independent Experts in ERP and Enterprise Software

Helping businesses across Australia and New Zealand digitally transform

SMC is a market leading 100% independent, technology agnostic, consulting company. Decision makers across Australia and New Zealand trust us to help them select the best enterprise software solutions and implementation partners for their unique needs, and then lead the implementation to a successful go-live to maximise return on investment.

We help organisations across industries become more streamlined, modern and competitive for the digital era through improved business processes, modern enterprise platforms, people transformation and data analytics.

No matter where you are on your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Digital Transformation Journey, SMC can help you. We approach your enterprise project using our proven Digital Transformation Model to ensure our clients digital transformations are a resounding success.

Our approach, together with our strong capabilities and a large and deeply experienced team across Australia and New Zealand is the reason companies choose SMC.

SMC is a 100% independent technology agnostic consulting company. We don’t sell software platforms or take commissions from anyone – we are always client-side. Our advise is always bias free and in your best interests.

Jamon Johnston

CEO and Founder, SMC





Why do companies choose SMC?

100% independent advisors and consultants since 2006 and clear market leader.

Deep capabilities and large team of ex big 4 global consultants and ERP vendors with extensive track record of success (400+ transformations).

Proven digital transformation model that takes a holistic, business focused approach to minimise risks.

Best practice business process and requirements library + unique evaluation platform for selecting the right enterprise solutions – saving time and frustration.

Flexible engagement options and packages that offer significant ROI – you don’t pay us if we don’t provide value.

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What is the best ERP solution for your business?

Download our Cloud ERP Vendor Guide for Australia which provides an overall introduction to the top Enterprise Software Vendors for your Industry category and business size, to help you narrow down the shortlist of Vendors that have a track record in Australia and local capability for implementation and support.

“SMC guided us through a structured ERP selection and implementation that was delivered successfully. If you need expert advice and consulting, I recommend SMC.”

Jeff Carson
CIA/Project Director | Japara

“SMC was the perfect fit for us, providing independent and objective advice. The SMC team was extremely enjoyable to work with.”

Simon Robb
Project Director | KCGM

“SMC brought deep experience and an array of IP that contributed greatly to our implementation success.”

Michael Disbury
CIO | Programmed

I strongly recommend SMC and have engaged them for multiple projects.”

Michael Boyd
CFO/Sponsor | Silver Chain

“The SMC team brought a wealth of knowledge to our decision making and implementation, which saved us significant time, energy and expense.”

Keith Smith
CFO & Sponsor | Activ

It’s been great having SMC as our partner. I would recommend SMC to anyone embarking on a business-critical ERP enabled transformation.”

Jeff Kuckenbaker
Global CIO | Zodiac

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