Case Studies

Solution Minds Consulting has led over 200 business process and systems improvement projects since 2006, below is a selection of case studies demonstrating the value we brought to their initiatives.

Note: To protect Client confidentiality we have reframed from naming clients in this section.

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We helped a Port Authority modernise its systems and improve business processes - Case Study

A large port authority, based in WA, was struggling with outdated systems and inefficient processes. They needed a roadmap for improvement.   

We conducted a rapid review of their systems and processes across operations and support functions, highlighting pain points and opportunities to improve. Options were considered and prioritised into a 5 year roadmap, supported by a full TCO model and business case for the preferred way forward.

Stakeholders and users bought in to the change journey ahead to modernise the organisation.  

Solution Minds Consulting then delved deeper into a comprehensive business process analysis exercise, mapping and improving all operational and support processes across the enterprise. 

It became apparent that upgrading encumbent systems would not deliver expected benefits, so we led the Port through a enhaustive evaluation project to select new ERP, DMS, OHS and Operational systems, as well as partners for the implementation and on-going support.

We then continued the partnership into the implementation phase, providing independent trusted advisor services (supporting and advising the Sponsor and Steering Committee), project management and change management. The implementation was like many transformations - not easy with many risks and issues along the way. The Port is now live with new systems and improved business processes.  

We helped an Engineering company with an operational systems improvement initiative - Case Study

An Engineering group expaning nationally wanted to standardise their operational business processes and systems to improve their competitive advantage through increased efficiency and alignment of their companies.

The Engineering group searched for a specialty consulting company to lead and deliver this improvement program…and they selected Solution Minds Consulting

We led a business process mapping, analysis and improvement project across Australia and South East Asia to map current ways of working, define critical requirements, identify pain points and improvement opportunities, and develop standardised future state improved processes. 

Specific benefits included:

- 237 different process were standardised into 20 future state processes

- 900 manual steps were reduced to 50

- 37 specific improvement opportunities with varying benefits were identified

Solution Minds Consulting then led a comprehesive evaluation phase to select a new production system to support their staff out in the field and a new document management solution to support efficient operations.

We helped a NFP Health and Aged Care Provider improve business processes and enterprise systems - Case Study

A NFP organisation delivering community health and care services across Australia. needed our help to evaluate and select new ERP & HR/Payroll systems, including business process mapping, requirements definition and development of a business case for change.

We continued the partnership through the implementation, providing trusted advisor services, project management, integration management (with CMS and HR solutions) and consulting assistance.

Benefits achived by our client included:

- ERP project delivered on-time and on-budget 

- High levels of user acceptance and productivity

- Automated and efficient business processes

We were on our client's side throughout the journey. The CFO and Sponsor is a strong advocate for our speciality services and is always happy to talk about the value we brought to their project.    

We helped the market leader in bricks and mortar move to the cloud - Case Study 

This organisation had ageing systems that needed upgrading or replacing and inefficient processes supporting the business.

Solution Minds Consulting was engaged as their partner for the systems and process improvement journey.

We guided our client through business process analysis, requirements definition, evalution and selection of a new cloud based ERP solution, planning and scopoing the project and project managing the implementation to a successful outcome.

Our client is now realising the benefits of moving their entire back-office to the cloud. 

We helped a large wholesale distributer improve their business processes and systems - Case Study

A large, national parts wholesale distributer was running an efficient old solution - for sales, supply chain, warehousing, finance, etc. - but with only one resource in-house the key man risk was too great. 

They engaged Solution Minds Consulting to map and analyse business processes and requirements across the business.

We ran a comprehesive selection project for new ERP, WMS and CRM solutions. 

We also provided Project Governance, Project Management and Change Management for the implementation phase. 

We helped them successfully transition their 3PL and 4PL warehouse to a market leading modern solution and attain the expected benefits.  

We helped an agri business improve its customer processes and CRM system - Case Study

An agri business turning over $400M had been using Microsoft Dynamics CRM for 2 years but recognised significant business process and system issues and gaps to how they wanted to operate.

They engaged Solution Minds Consulting to map and analyse thier customer business processes, requirements and their Dynamics CRM solution to identify issues and recommendations for improvement.

We developed future state business processes that removed waste and bottlenecks and defined a raft of system improvements for their Dynamics CRM solution.

We helped a NFP Membership Organisation improve their services to their members - Case Study

A NFP association supporting 9,000 members was struggling with excessively manual and time consuming business processes and systems that needed upgrading or replacing. 

We were engaged to process map and analyse: Member/ Customer Management; Subscription/ Publication Management; Accounts Receivable; Product Management; Case Management; Marketing Campaign Management; Learning Management; Event Management and eBusiness integration.

We helped them determine business requirements and ran an evaluation project to select a new CRM platform and partner, with Salesforce, Microsoft and Sugar short-listed and investigated thoroughly. We also assisted with the set-up of the implementation phase.