TEC HCM for Midsize Enterprises Buyer's Guide

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This buyer’s guide examines the high-level features and functions offered by Human Capital Management (HCM) software providers that target midsize businesses. It discusses how different HCM solutions make more or less sense to midsize companies according to the number of people that they employ. It focuses on the importance of core HR functionality and best practices for growing other HCM areas within a company, such as talent management, learning management, or workforce management. The discussion is based on a review of the current literature and conversations with both vendors and end users.

This buyer’s guide specifically examines HCM strategy and supporting software solutions for the various scales of midsize enterprises; what smaller midsize companies can learn from larger midsize companies, and vice versa, in terms of best practices, core HR processes, and beyond (i.e., talent, learning, and workforce management); and innovative HCM technologies and how they benefit a company’s HCM strategy.

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