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Solution Minds uses IBM Blueworks Live to deliver BPM&I projects to it’s clients.

The ease of use, efficiency and capability to perform detailed analysis in a collaborative fashion has meant that the time taken to gather information, create, refine and share process maps with our clients has decreased.

What is Blueworks?

A smart, collaborative, simple to use BPM tool

  • IBM Blueworks Live is a cloud-based business process mapping tool and repository.
  • Designed to help organizations discover and document their business processes, business decisions and policies in a collaborative manner. Simple and intuitive to use, while still having the capabilities to implement more complex models.
  • Blueworks Live fully adheres to the industry standard – BPMN 2.0 

Blueworks Live

Key Features of Blueworks Live


#1 Easy and Intuitive to use

  • Runs in the cloud with NO install or set up required
  • Is completely mobile
  • Auto-formats all process and decision diagrams
  • Auto saves and backs up your work
  • Easy to link processes and create sub processes within diagrams
  • Easy to navigate and search based of names or tags
  • Simple to use help menu with tutorials built in


#2 Consolidated Company/Department View

  • One Central Shared repository of processes
  • Changes can be viewed in real time
  • Find the saved versions of any process model (New and old)
  • Notified if changes are made to processes you’re following


#3 Built in Collaboration

  • Work collaboratively and share models with the entire organisation
  • Chat with team members  and collaborate with SME from within the organisation and outside
  • Use comments to ask questions and share ideas
  • Access to repository of standard processes templates


#4 Detailed Process Documentation

  • Extensive out of the box documentation features
  • Analyse, visualise and compare processes
  • Display all processes in a single end to end view using playback feature
  • Allows linking to documents, videos and webpages
  • Import maps from other tools and export maps and documents into a variety of formats including word, powerpoint, BPM


#5 Integrated Governance Process

  • Out of the box review/approval feature for process and decision models
  • View history of approvals and rejections for auditing
  • Keeps a record of all versions and changes made to processes and deleted maps
  • Control who can view and edit folders and maps

Comparison of Blueworks and Visio

 Blueworks vs Visio


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