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Top 5 ERP Implementation Tips

As consultants who assist clients day in and day out with their ERP implementation projects, we are often asked for our views on good practice on projects and what can be improved. There are many moving parts and varying opinions on this topic and on the ingredients...

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Skip Process Mapping at your own risk

Skipping Business Process Mapping (BPM) before an ERP Implementation is unnecessarily risky!Sure ERP and Enterprise Software come with "Best Practices" baked in...but they are not a silver bullet!In fact, they may not be best practices at all, they are...

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Staying Fit During the Off Season

During tough times some organisations are tightening their expenditure, and either starving themselves or going into hibernation waiting for the season to pass, but smart organisations are getting leaner, fitter and ready to perform better, by investing in...

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Mistakes to avoid when selecting an Implementer

Want to hear some corny ERP industry jokes? No, yes? Well here they come, what does selecting an implementation partner and marriage have in common? It’s for the long haul and if you choose the wrong partner it can cost you a lot of time and money. How...

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The Truth Behind Change Management

You’re about to start a project to change your organisation’s current enterprise system to better meet the needs of the business. You’ve done your research, you know that effective Change Management correlates to a 6x increase in your chances of...

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Why Solution Minds uses Blueworks Live

Solution Minds uses IBM Blueworks Live to deliver BPM&I projects to it's clients.The ease of use, efficiency and capability to perform detailed analysis in a collaborative fashion has meant that the time taken to gather information, create, refine and...

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Introduction to TEC Advisor

Having trouble making the right ERP or Enterprise Software decisions for your organisation? At the heart of Solution Minds’ extensive enterprise software research capabilities, decision-making methodology and expertise is TEC Advisor, an online decision...

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