Rapid Business Process Improvement

We've worked out a rapid, proven way to define your future state with automated and streamlined business processes

An ERP project or digital transformation without sufficient focus on business processes and your people will fail.

In our experience, almost every organisation needing to implement new Enterprise Software solutions wants to take the opportunity to improve their operational and support processes as part of the change initiative, rather than investing in new technology that simply runs your old processes slightly faster.

The reasons why organisations skip process mapping and analysis are: A perceived lack of time; Internal resources lack relevant experience; Limited understanding of how important this phase is to a transformation; and Believing that ERP/Enterprise Software 'best practices' will solve all their company's issues (hint - it won't!).

Your people know their current ways of working and pain points well, so this is always the place to start, as it’s very difficult to jump straight to a desired future state (we’ve tried and it doesn’t work). We recommend getting though this stage rapidly though and not getting bogged down in too much detail (i.e. stick to level 3 BPMN processes only - key activities, inputs, outputs, decision points and integrations).

Business process mapping highlights inefficiencies and improvement opportunities and gets your organisation thinking about the way it wants to operate. We’ll facilitate workshops and bring your processes to life, documenting them according to industry standards (i.e. BPMN 2.0) in a highly efficient way, using a cloud business process management platform for analysis and improvement.

The process maps, and the analysis of them, are key inputs to determine ‘could-be’ future processes and are also critical for change management purposes later in the project to identify change impacts on every role in your organisation.

We develop ‘could-be’ future state processes, using ideas from your people and our knowledge of modern enterprise software platforms. Bear in mind you haven’t selected which platform is preferred yet, so you need to remain open to accepting best practices that are baked into modern systems, except where you have real competitive advantages or differentiators. These will become your ‘to-be’ processes after the design stage of the implementation.

You can expect these Outcomes if you engage SMC for your Business Process Improvement project:

  1. Your people will have an end-to-end view of processes, rather than a siloed functional view

  2. Corporate knowledge captured in a cloud Business Process Management tool (Blueworks)

  3. Pain points (e.g. workarounds, bottlenecks, manual handling) identified

  4. Improvement opportunities and quick wins determined

  5. Critical business requirements defined (leveraging our ERP Requirements Database)

  6. Processes mapped, analysed and improved - ‘could-be’ future state processes developed, using ideas from your stakeholders, our knowledge of modern ERP platforms and what others in your industry are doing well - to help you choose a system that supports how you would like to operate rather than how you are operating today

  7. Framework in place for on-going continuous improvement

  8. Qualitative and quantitative benefits understood for the business case for change

  9. Stakeholders feel engaged and excited about the improvements

  10. Executives aligned and willing to proceed

Find out more about Business Process Mapping here and our Business Process Mapping Tool.

Key reasons to engage SMC for your Business Process Improvement Project

  • Deep industry and functioanl knowledge 
  • Our unique methodology is proven to work and get results
  • Large team of experienced business process improvement consultants
  • Extensive knowledge base of good practiice processes and business requirements 
  • Substantial ERP/enterprise software implementation experience and knowlege of modern systems to help you define your future state
  • Track record of success helpeing hundreds of companies across Australia and NZ since 2006 

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