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Data Analytics and AI

Outperform with Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence solutions

Keep up with the competition with business solutions in Data Analytics and AI

To keep up with the competition, let alone outperform it, the digital imperative today demands that a business consider how data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and automation augments or substitutes work performed by people.


The advantage for businesses’ is that these technologies are available now at an attractive price point. How can data and AI solutions help your business? Data and AI works across systems and processes to increase business efficiency and performance and reduce risk.

Specifically, AI refers to software capability that is trained or learned as opposed to programmed instructions. AI learns from the vast amounts of both structured (eg, data in rows and columns) and unstructured data (eg, words images sounds and sensors). AI can help you build a competitive advantage and outperform.

Data analytics looks backwards and forwards providing insights into what happened, why it happened, what is likely to happen next and what the optimal path forward should be. Data Management can provide a secure and trusted single source of truth for your business.

Business Intelligence (BI) is about having the right information at the right time and is essential to running a successful business. Our BI solutions can help businesses make quick, confident decisions with clear business insights.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can free the human worker from repetitive tasks and can benefit your business by exceeding the limits of your workforce and improve business processes.

Whatever data solution you are looking for; business intelligence, artificial intelligence, data management, robotic process automation or a data migration service, SMC has the solution for you.


Advantages of Data Analytics and AI

Increased business efficiencies

Competitive advantage

Business insights to make quick confident decisions

Exceed limits of workforce

Data provides a secure single source of truth

Why do companies choose SMC?

100% independent advisors and consultants since 2006 and clear market leader.

Deep capabilities and large team of ex big 4 global consultants and ERP vendors with extensive track record of success (400+ transformations).

Why SMC Icon

Proven digital transformation model that takes a holistic, business focused approach to minimise risks.

Best practice business process and requirements library + unique evaluation platform for selecting the right enterprise solutions – saving time and frustration.

Flexible engagement options and packages that offer significant ROI – you don’t pay us if we don’t provide value.

Delivering value through a range of flexible engagement options.

Guided by SMC

Does your team need some guidance and assistance with your selection and implementation project? We offer guided engagements which are aimed at organisations that want some assistance from world class ERP/ Enterprise Software experts, but don’t need a team of consultants on site.

Key Benefits of Guided Solution

  • Reduce costs with our proven methodology, full array of Toolkits and IP
  • Unlimited access to our team of subject matter experts on the phone or virtually through Zoom.

SMC to lead

Do you want expert advisors and consultants to lead your project and deliver exceptional outcomes? You can trust our team to have the knowledge, skills and tools to deliver on your project.

Key Benefits of SMC Lead Solution

  • Level of engagement depends on your capabilities, capacity, budget and risk appetite.
  • Our approach is tailored to your specific needs, leveraging our proven methodologies and best practice IP.

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What Our Clients Say

"Having executive change support and direction enabled us to see our ERP project as transformational rather than technical. I would highly recommend the People Transformation and Change team at SMC to assist with maximising your return on investment.”

  Chief Operating Officer | Transport and Logistics

" SMC used their extensive market knowledge to get us the best commercial deal possible. Having SMC involved can only result in a win for any business.”

Sonia Chadburn | CFO | NAK HAIR

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