ERP and Enterprise Systems Strategy and Roadmap

Do you want to understand all your strategic options and get clarity about the best way to improve your business processes and enterprise systems?

SMC provides 100% independent advice and a structured and proven process to help organisations to define their ERP and other Enterprise Systems Strategy and Roadmap.

If you are asking these questions don’t worry you are not alone, we hear them all the time:

  • Do our current enterprise systems support our strategic business objectives?
  • Should we have a single, integrated ERP solution for all parts of the business or use ERP with some Best-of-Breed solutions?
  • Do we need a new ERP system or should we upgrade our existing system with some additions?
  • We have more than one ERP system in the Group – do we continue with multiple systems or select one?
  • Where are the biggest pain points in the business and what are the benefits of investing resources to make improvements?
  • How do we reduce the level of risk and the cost of ownership of our enterprise systems?
  • What are similar companies doing to modernise?
  • What are our options and implications going forward?   
  • Should we move everything to the cloud?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the various platforms and systems on the market?
  • What will the roadmap look like for implementation of new solutions over the next 3-5 years and how do we get all our stakeholders to agree?
  • How much will the roadmap cost to implement, how long will it take and what’s the impact on our business?

“Digital transformation describes the shift toward using innovative technologies to enable you to better engage and serve your customers and improve internal processes.” Organisations like yours are switching to digital tools to reduce paper and inefficiencies; using social media for marketing, sales, and customer service; and moving systems like ERP, CRM, HR, HSE, Document Management to the cloud.

The Outcomes and Benefits of ERP/Enterprise Systems Strategy and Roadmap:

  • Get an informed, independent view of your current systems, processes and people
  • Save time and effort – SMC has the templates, tools and expertise to define your strategy and roadmap quickly.
  • Educate key stakeholders about strategic technological trends and different options to improve.
  • Reduce risk – starting a process of improvement or transformation without a clear strategy greatly increases the risk of an ineffective selection process and a poor implementation.
  • Visualise the current and proposed future applications architecture with intermediate stages.
  • Develop a business case for change based on realistic quantified benefits and projected costs of deploying ERP and other Best-of-Breed Enterprise Software.
  • Provide a final report with SMC recommendations and rationale for the ERP and Enterprise Systems Strategy and Roadmap.