ERP and Digital Optimisation Roadmap

Do you want to quickly understand all your options and get clarity about the best way to tackle your transformation over the next 3-5 years?

Digital transformation describes the shift toward using innovative technologies to enable you to better engage and serve your customers, improve internal processes and develop new business models. 

Organisations like yours are switching to online tools to reduce paper; using social media for marketing, sales, and customer service; automating areas of IT; and moving systems like ERP, CRM and HR to the cloud.

Developing an ERP or Digital Transformation Roadap is essential if you are experiencing some these challenges: 

  • Business process, systems and/or people issues
  • Current state an inhibitor for achieving strategic business goals
  • Unclear vision of the future state
  • Uncertainly about all the improvement options and which align best with long-term goals
  • Multiple stakeholders with conflicting views
  • Difficulty prioritising projects
  • No Roadmap

Engaging Solution Minds Consulting provides four main benefits: 


We help solve your challenges by:

  • Defining organisational and IT strategic vision for the next five years
  • Educating key stakeholders about strategic technological trends
  • Assessing your current systems and how well they are supporting your business processes
  • Analyzing your business processes to identify pain points and opportunities for improvement
  • Identifying ways that new supporting technologies – such as mobile, analytics, social or SaaS systems – could benefit you
  • Determing the potential benefits and costs for new systems, such as ERP, CRM, HCM, financials, supply chain management, manufacturing OHS, Document Management, etc. 
  • Obtaining executive consensus on options and recommendations
  • Develop a five-year roadmap for ERP or Digital Transformation aligned to your strategic objectives
  • Define a practical change management approach to support the roadmap and help your people transition