Implementing new ERP and Enterprise Software

ERP is what we do and we love it! Our Project Management, Change Management and Trusted Advisor services instill quality every step of the way

Have you selected a preferred Vendor and Implementation Partner? Worried about the risks, limited internal resources, lack experience and capabilities? 

SMC can help you set-up, plan, prepare, manage and deliver your project successfully. 

ERP and Enterprise Software projects are not easy and many fail. These statistics are from a survey of 1,600 ERP projects:


Do not become another statistic. SMC's services have been engineered to mitigate these risks. The reason why we exist is to ensure your ERP or Digital project is a success and reduce the unacceptably high failure rates for these projects, one project at a time.

SMC is uniquely placed to support you throughout by providing the right mix of experienced and qualified ERP professionals to help you at the right times, including:

  • Independent Project QA and Risk Management – This is a small price to pay for a very effective insurance policy to hedge against failure, cost overruns, frustration and lost ROI
  • End-to-end Project Management – Our Project Managers are leaders who deliver  
  • Organisational Change Management – To help your people transition and be productive sooner
  • Business Process Management - To ensure your future ways of working are optimised and critical requirements are supported 

Effective planning and readiness activities before the Implementation increases the chances of success

This is a critical phase immediately after Selection and before Implementation. The preferred software implementation partner is engaged on a ‘services only’ contract for a period of 2-8 weeks - depending on your scope and complexity - to conduct detailed planning and scoping with your Subject Matter Experts and Key Users. The primary purpose is for you to understand standard system flows and functionality, as well as any gaps in their solution. This phase significantly reduces risks as no software has been purchased yet and there is no commitment to proceed with the implementation.

These are the Outcomes you can expect if you engage SMC to help you with Implementation Planning and Readiness for you ERP or Enterprise Software project:

  • Detailed scope and accurate budget refined before buying software
  • Project structure and responsibilities, plus resource commitments defined
  • Deliverables and acceptance criteria understood by all parties
  • Data migration, testing, training and support approaches factored into the plan
  • Realistic project plan with all vendor and client-side activities detailed
  • Resources evaluated and best implementation team confirmed
  • Implementation contract is complete, fair and reasonable
  • Risks and mitigations determined
  • Opportunity to fix the contract price
  • Your project has been set-up for success
  • Your organisation is ready with stakeholders engaged

To find out more about this phase, check out our Planning and Scoping guide.   


The implementation of a new enterprise software solution involves design, build, test and deployment stages. Your preferred implementation partner will be focused on delivering the solution from a Technology perspective but is unlikely to be focused on People and Processes. SMC will help you get the balance right overall.

We partner with your business to assist you manage the implementation, engage with your stakeholders and act as your independent ERP advisors. We have delivered over 200 Enterprise Software and Business Improvement projects since 2006, with a team of experienced consultants and a robust and proven methodology that works.

These are the Outcomes you can expect if you engage SMC to help implement and deliver your ERP or Enterprise Software project:

  • ERP or Enterprise Software project success
  • High levels of user acceptance and productivity
  • Expected benefits realised sooner (e.g. automated and efficient business processes, unlock your data to power growth)
  • Digital optimisation, delivered

Let us show you are fresher, faster, better way to achieve ERP or Enterprise Software Success.