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Trusted Advisor Services

Expert Guidance to proactively lower ERP and Software Implementation project risks 

 Proactively lower the risk of ERP and Software Implementation project risks, cost over runs, frustration and lost ROI with SMC’s Trusted Advisory Services

We offer independent quality assurance during ERP and Enterprise Software Implementation projects by providing continuous feedback and monitoring its progress and quality on an on-going basis. For each stage of your implementation project, from planning, design and build through to training and testing and post go live support, we ensure the project can move on to the next stage by performing a stage gate review against pre-determined success criteria based on over 350+ ERP, Enterprise Software and Digital Transformation projects. 

This option is preferred for clients who want to utilise our insights and experience to proactively manage risks before they become issues with SMC more immersed in the project, including meeting with the Project Manager and Change Manager regularly.


Why do companies choose SMC?

100% independent advisors and consultants since 2006 and clear market leader.

Deep capabilities and large team of ex big 4 global consultants and ERP vendors with extensive track record of success (400+ transformations).

Why SMC Icon

Proven digital transformation model that takes a holistic, business focused approach to minimise risks.

Best practice business process and requirements library + unique evaluation platform for selecting the right enterprise solutions – saving time and frustration.

Flexible engagement options and packages that offer significant ROI – you don’t pay us if we don’t provide value.

SMC Trusted Advisors will:

  • Advise on Governance structure, particularly the Steering Committee composition, terms of reference, and content
  • Sit on Steering Committee and provide independent and objective perspectives and practical recommendations
  • Contribute to identifying project risks and proven mitigation approaches
  • Contribute to resolving high and critical issues before they escalate to Steering Committee for action
  • Advise on the project structure, roles and responsibilities throughout the implementation
  • Advise on the appropriateness of project resources throughout the implementation
  • Assess stage performance against gate checklists, including quality checking key deliverables, for Steering Committee review
  • Propose proven rectification techniques if your Implementation Partner’s performance drops below expectations
  • Meet the implementation project manager and vendor project manager monthly to monitor leadership and project management competencies, progress, and provide guidance
  • Meet the Change Manager monthly to monitor change manager competencies and project progress, and provide guidance
  • Meet the Project Sponsor monthly to understand any concerns, provide coaching and support as required
  • Provide advice if key project strategies need to change mid project (eg, engagement model, deployment, training)
  • Conduct Go-live Readiness Assessments to assess all project elements and propose recommendations

Delivering value through a range of flexible engagement options.

Guided by SMC

Does your team need some guidance and assistance with your selection and implementation project? We offer guided engagements which are aimed at organisations that want some assistance from world class ERP/ Enterprise Software experts, but don’t need a team of consultants on site.

Key Benefits of Guided Solution

  • Reduce costs with our proven methodology, full array of Toolkits and IP
  • Unlimited access to our team of subject matter experts on the phone or virtually through Zoom.

SMC to lead

Do you want expert advisors and consultants to lead your project and deliver exceptional outcomes? You can trust our team to have the knowledge, skills and tools to deliver on your project.

Key Benefits of SMC Lead Solution

  • Level of engagement depends on your capabilities, capacity, budget and risk appetite.
  • Our approach is tailored to your specific needs, leveraging our proven methodologies and best practice IP.

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What Our Clients Say

"Having executive change support and direction enabled us to see our ERP project as transformational rather than technical. I would highly recommend the People Transformation and Change team at SMC to assist with maximising your return on investment.”

  Chief Operating Officer | Transport and Logistics

" SMC used their extensive market knowledge to get us the best commercial deal possible. Having SMC involved can only result in a win for any business.”

Sonia Chadburn | CFO | NAK HAIR

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