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Digital Transformation Education

Transform the way you do business

A digital transformation agency will help with the integration of digital technology and modern enterprise solutions into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how the business operates and delivers value to their customers.

What digital transformation means specifically for your business differs depending on the technological trends, industry and unique attributes of your organisation.

Not sure how advancements in enterprise solutions can help your business transform? Having difficulty explaining what this means to the executives at your organisation? Having trouble aligning your understanding of what a CRM, ERP or other enterprise grade solution is with the expectations of your peers? We can help.

We deal with modern enterprise grade solutions and have experienced how advancements in technology, such as machine learning, automation, mobility, robots and the internet of things are being utilised by the latest systems in a range of different industries. As such we have helped clients understand these trends and visualise what a modern enterprise solution lead digital transformation could mean for them.

Our solution and digital education service highlights the key trends impacting your industry and how you and why you should leverage them to transform the way you do business.

The outcomes you can expect by engaging SMC to help with Enterprise software and digital education are:

  • A clear understanding of the key technological trends impacting your industry group
  • Alignment across the executive on what a specific enterprise software solution means for your business (e.g. What does CRM, ERP, HCM or an integrated system me for you)
  • An understanding of how others have utilised such technology within your industry and how it has benefited them
  • An understanding of what the key solutions are within your industry

Why do companies choose Solution Minds Consulting?

Extensive ERP and Digital Transformation Experience & Research

We have a large team with a proven track record of 250+ successful projects, including ex-Big 4 consultants and ex-ERP vendors.

There are hundreds of decisions required during an ERP project and you need to be comfortable making and executing them - We ensure you do things right the first time.

100% Independent Advisors & Consultants

We don't sell enterprise solutions or take commissions, independence is our number one company value so we are never conflicted.

If parties involved are making money as a result of your decisions, they are biased. We reduce risks and save you money.

Unique Way of Improving Processes and Systems for the Modern Cloud World

We ensure the right solution and partner are selected for how you want to operate, rather than how you are operating today.

We use a proven approach and tools for rapid development of future state processes, and requirements based on our knowledge of modern enterprise platforms.


Flexible and Cost-Effective Engagement Options

We can lead or guide you through every phase to go-live with our specialty services and resources. Our involvement depends on your internal capabilities and capacity, and budget.

We provide the best resources for each phase of your journey from inception to go-live.

Case Study – Bethanie Bethanie Logo

The Issue

As part of a CRM Strategy Project – the Bethanie executive team lacked a common understanding of what CRM is, who the leading CRM vendors are servicing the care industry, and the benefits they could realise in order to define priorities and scope boundaries for the project.

Our Solution

Prepared an education pack specific to their organisation and industry and presented it in an interactive workshop environment.

The Outcome

Increased the level of knowledge of the Executive team and aligned thinking around priorities and scope for the program of work.

Our Digital Transformation Education Clients

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